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Historic Charleston c. 1835

A complete historic garden renovation was completed in great anticipation of their niece’s wedding so it was filled with an exquisite selection of white Ornamental evergreen shrubs in the Rear Elevation Courtyard. The clients worked tirelessly to renovate the home’s interior that is a dream so the garden needed to reflect their lifestyle and beauty that lies within so we planted Six majestic Palmetto Palms to flank the restored classic water fountain that adds verticality, privacy and interest from interior views as well as a wonderful sound component. Dogwoods, Redbuds, Japanese Maples and Crape Myrtles, Butterfly Bushes, Azaleas, Ferns and two Focal Point Urns offer an abundant array of texture, color and form throughout the garden. In the Front Elevation Courtyard, an exquisite Japanese Maple ‘Bloodgood’ in planted on center of the Pea gravel bed that is anchored with Boxwood ‘Little Gem’s that adds connectivity throughout the garden. Of course, this historic Charleston home’s entrance is complete with Confederate Jasmine covering the Iron Fence, Yews, Gardenias, Hydrangeas and Fragrant Tea Olives. The piazza overlooks a driveway that has very little planting possibilities so we planted several Espaliered Camellias to soften the stucco wall, flanked by Evergreen Clematis and anchored by Giant Liriope. Absolutely breathtaking!

Historic Garden Renovation